Studio Products & Prices

Custom Framing

Show off your stylish images, awards, diplomas or anything else you cherish and want to protect for a lifetime. Shadow boxes available for those items with more than two dimensions. Order one of our stylish and modern frames to match your interior. Matting available for additional fee, ask about our frames in stock for an additional discount. Price based on size of item to be framed so contact our studio for a quote.

 Starting at $29.95 

Photo Restoration

Photographs don’t last forever, especially once they start to reach 50 years old. Rapid deterioration begins to happen, water damage, fire damage, and just general wear and tear will start to make these one of a kind photos unrecoverable. Don’t wait until its to late to restore your old photographs or have your film collection transfered to digital media. Photo restoration is a time intensive process that we’ve mastered over the years, don’t trust your irreplaceable photos with amateurs. Our photo restoration service starts at only $44.95 per photo depending on the severity and can go as high as $89.95 for major restorations. Each restoration comes with a 5×7 print and other prints can be ordered at our regular studio price. The only way to get an accurate estimate for your restoration job is to bring it in to our studio.

 Starting at $44.95 

Photo Collection Archiving

Your families photo collection is one of the most irreplaceable possessions it has, and probably one of the least thought about. Unlike many tangible items, once a photograph is destroyed it can not be recovered. We value the frailty of these possessions and offer a digital photo archival process that scans all your images, does light touch up work, and returns all photographs to you and CD’s that contain your collection. This process starts at just $79.99 for 100 images, and $39.99 for each 100 additional images.  You can order DVD slideshows of your archived images for a special rate of $39.99.

 Starting At $69.99 

Fundraising Photography

We offer a unique and great way to raise funds for your organization. We create a custom package and price for your organization and 65% of the total sales goes straight back to your organization. Each fund raising event is different, and each package we create is different so we can’t advertise our rates online. You’ll need to call or stop in to get your discounts and rates. There is a one time setup fee of $75 for on location and only $55 for in studio. Generally if your organization sells just 10 packages you’ll make your money back on the setup costs.

 Starting at $55 

 Senior Photography

Capturing your last year of High School exactly as you want to remember it is less expensive than you think. At Sundance Studios we’re here to provide you professional quality prints, at affordable prices. Gone are the days of sitting fee’s and limited changes, at Sundance Studios we give you all the clothing changes and poses we can squeeze in 60 minutes. The best part about it all is you get everything included below with the lowest prices around!

 Only $55.00 

Wedding Photography

Capturing the most important moments in your life doesn’t have to set you back 10 years. Our affordable wedding photography services ensure that we capture every moment of your wedding day, so you can focus on more important aspects of your day. At Sundance Studios we pride ourselves on a artistic and photo-journalistic approach to your wedding so we can capture every moment in it’s truest form. With our wedding packages you build them to suit your needs, because we understand every wedding is different!

 Limited Time Only $599.95 

Event Photography

Most performance events take place under sub-optimal lighting conditions. Stages are often poorly lit, lit with lights through colored gels, and a multitude of distracting background elements. This presents a challenge for the photographer, as the results are often blurred, impossible to white balance in the camera, and very cluttered. No matter the time, place, or reason our event photography service can cover your photography needs and overcome these challenges. Starting at just $55 per hour you won’t find a lower rate for professional photography services. Contact Us for more information.

Starting at $55/hr.
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