Dear Organization Leaders,

You probably received a letter in the mail from us and are wondering “What this great fund raising opportunity is about?” Well give me 5 minutes of your time to explain.  Sundance Photography Studio has proudly been serving the area with outstanding photography services for over 30 years. During this time we’ve been able to exceed our customers expectations and grow tremendously. We thank the citizens of the community and organizations for their help in getting us there.

Now we’re giving back to the community for select organizations who have supported us along the way. Our fund raising opportunity is a unique and fun way to give back to your organization members, while also helping your organization. You can earn up to 45% of the total sales for your event back as a donation from Sundance Photography Studio. You won’t find a better selling fund raising offer than this! Plus it only takes seconds to promote!

Your members will receive a great product in return that creates a lifetime of memories. They will receive 1-8×10, 1-5×7 and 6 die cut wallets all for only $19.95. Best of all with enough commitment from your members we can come to your and setup on location (15 packages required). Check out the galleries on our site to see some of our high quality professional work we’ve done for the area over the last 30 years!

You’re probably thinking this is a great and fun idea for your church members, but you’re waiting for the catch. Well there is no catch for your organization, there are no up front costs, and the only commitment we ask for is 15 packages are sold for each on location shoot. Your organization leader will receive 1 free package to use for their family or they can gift it to a organization member. Book by 8/30/2012 and get a bonus package for free! The best part is, the more packages you sell for your fund raising event, the higher your donation amount will be!

The donation amount from Sundance Photography Studio will break down as follows:
0-15 packages: 15% Return on sales.
16-25 packages: 20% Return on sales.
26-35 packages: 25% Return on sales.
36-45 packages: 30% Return on sales.
46-55 packages: 40% Return on sales.
Over 55 packages: 45% Return on sales.

Remember, there is 0 up front cost! Every package your members purchase helps your organization raise funds to complete the projects and improvements that are important to them! There is no limit on how much we will donate back to your organization!

How it works:

  • If you have 15 packages pre-sold, you pick a day your organization meets. If you are unable to presell 15 packages, we offer in-studio sessions.
  • We will come and setup at your location at a convient designated time. (Usually at the end of the meeting).
  • Everyone who purchases a package (either before hand, or during the day of) then gets their photograph taken. Group size limited to 5 per group.
  • In 7-14 days all photographs will be returned to your organization leader for them to pass out, along with a check for the donation amount!


Additional options are available, call us to find out more, or schedule your fund raising day! Promotional material for you to display will be made available 14 days before your event, and must be returned the day of the event! Dates will fill up fast and are first come, first serve!

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to working with you!

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